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The DNA of Business

Using our scientific approach and methodology, even the most complex organizations can quickly and easily describe and define their business operations and essentially genetically engineer business processes

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iSoftStone Partnership


iSoftStone and BusinessGenetics Join Forces To Provide Topnotch Business Modeling Solution

iSoftStone LogoiSoftStone and BusinessGenetics have announced a partnership focused on delivering a cutting-edge business modeling solution that combines BusinessGenetics’ business process modeling platform with iSoftStone’s strong industry consulting expertise across technology, communications, retail, insurance, and banking and financial service sectors.

Who We Are

Founded in 2000 by business and information technology executives with over 30 years of experience, BusinessGenetics developed a unique method to address the greatest challenges that organizations face. The complexity and distributed nature of most businesses makes it difficult for business leaders to have a comprehensive understanding of how the business is operating, both in its current state and how it needs to operate. BusinessGenetics has a solution that has been proven with over 500 projects and leading Federal organizations.

What We Offer

Using a method and system of diagrams based on an intuitive framework of Five W's (who does what, with which information, where and when), we give our clients a comprehensive view of their enterprise - one that clarifies the complex relationships between information, people, resources and technology.

Using our products and services you can:

  • Quickly and intuitively provide a complete and consistent definition of the business.
  • Easily extract the data the way you want it, when you want it.
  • Make the data easily accessible to anyone anywhere at anytime.
  • Integrate with existing enterprise systems.
  • Using the data empower your enterprise users to make BPA enabled business decisions based on facts, not speculation.

“ The results are remarkable. They can get a complete, unambiguous representation of business activities using a simple methodology that business people take to.”

- Bill Rosser, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

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